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VI Academy British English Course

English Courses

English is our specialisation. We have help thousands of students to master their English. Click the button to see our English courses.

VI Academy other languages courses

Other Languages

We are a multicultural organization. Our lecturers coming from various nationality around the world. Click the button to see other languages class that we offer.

VI Academy Corporate Training

Corporate Training

we help other organization to identify and develop professional competencies. Learn more about our corporate training programmes.

VI Academy Translation Service

Translation Service

We offer professional translation services. Let our language specialist help you to translate your materials in a professional manner.

Malaysia Cabin Crew Programme VI icon

Cabin Crew Programme

In collaboration with multiple cabin crew academics, this programme will equips students with the skills needed to work in airline insdustry, specifically as cabin crew.

IGCSE Homeschooling

VI Academy homeschooling is conducted by using IGCSE which is a popular international certification for secondary schools.

Study in Malaysia

Professional Education Consultancy for International Students to Study in Malaysia universities and colleges. VI Academy is a professional education consultancy that provides FREE tertiary study consultation to prospective students and parents.

Enhance your future with VI academy

Begin your journey to improve English and other languages for better job prospects and increased confidence to communicate anywhere in the world. We offer students a unique opportunity to improve their language skills. We believe that learning
language doesn’t need to be boring.

Why You Should Join Us

Our Principal

Our principal is a qualified Native English Teacher from United Kingdom. Plan, organize and provide instruction to assist students in mastering verbal and written skills in English using individual and small group techniques.

VIA Facilities

VIA is well-equipped with modern and comfortable classrooms, including computer lab, attaining hall, students’ rest area and a multi-purpose room.


We are located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur near Ampang Point Shopping Complex with the convenience of commercial banks, a post office; book stores, supermarket, cafes and restaurants just a stone’s throw away.

Our Teachers

Our teachers and trainers are highly qualified. They are also competent as they are carefully selected for their knowledge, skills and dedication. All of them have TESL qualification.


VI Academy uses textbooks and resources from the world’s most trusted English course materials. Teachers also use other supporting resources deemed beneficial for the students.


Our academy is a conducive place for learning where the safety and comfort of our students are of great importance. Our able staff is ready to provide the necessary assistance to students who need any kind of help.

What’s more

For Our Students


VI Academy organizes educational and social activities every month for students in order to encourage English communication, group participation and confidence building. These include debates, quizzes, song, performances and presentations among others. Outdoor activities include trips to interesting places around Malaysia.

International Student Affairs

International students will be pleased to find that VIA can arrange for their study visa while studying in Malaysia. Our international student services are well versed in the processes relating to applying for your study visa. With the assistance of EMGS, student visa can be processed within 2 - 3 weeks.


Accommodation can be arranged for students within the vicinity of VI Academy at a reasonable rate. The apartments are fully furnished with recreational facilities like swimming pool, Café, and 24 hours security.

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Our Class are available online!

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