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These classes are personalised to meet the individual needs of students. Hours are flexible and can be scheduled as students’ requirement. 

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English Native Speakers

Highly qualified teachers who are British English native speakers with extensive teaching experience.

Tailor Made For You

As the name suggests, you will get 100% laser-focused attention from the tutor, no distractions. The learning pace & timetable is also flexible depending on your needs.

Interactive & Enjoyable

We believe that learning English doesn’t need to be boring. Our course is structured to be interactive & enjoyable.

Course Overview

For those students who are preferred studying alone with a teacher, we offer One to One English course for all levels and skills. You will be coached by an expert teacher who will support you in achieving your unique learning goals. We use a comprehensive list of materials, including textbooks, workbooks and audio-visual tools. There will be a lot of practice on the four skills speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Course Objective

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Course Benefits

Students have the constant attention of the teacher so they can listen to and speak more English than they might in a group situation.

Their strengths and weaknesses are addressed more consistently and fully without the competition of other students for the teacher’s time.

They can become better learners through learner training with their teacher.

There are less time constraints so they can go at their own pace and not feel pressured by the progress of other students.

Student acquires language best through the modified input of the teacher. This means that the teacher adapts their language to the level of the student and in one-to-one classes the amount and type of input can be maximised by the teacher to benefit the student.

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Get Personal Coaching by an English Expert!

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Available in English & Arabic

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Our classes are also available online!


Our Class are available online!

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