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(4-month course + 3-month internship)


Airline cabin crew, also known as flight attendants, are primarily responsible for ensuring passenger safety during a flight. They are also required to ensure the comfort of passengers which is why good customer service skills are so important.

Hours can vary so a flight attendant’s career is not for those who like to work 9-5 Monday to Friday. But the lifestyle is social, friendly and sometimes exotic – especially long-haul cabin crew jobs where you will fly and stop-over at world airports. It is hard work and rewarding.

Course Description

Cabin crew course is a full-time basic study. This course will be running with potential modules
to fulfil skills of work in airline industry. This training program helps build the basic foundation,
gives the trainees a good insight and understanding of the job nature and prepares the fully in
the transition into a job as cabin crew. 

Course Module:

Our approach to training is to identify and develop professional competencies.

  • Improved Standard of Customer Service.
  • Verbal & Non-verbal communication.
  • Customer Contact Techniques.
  • Cross-cultural Awareness.
  • Stress Management.
  • Personality Development and Image Enhancement.
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures.
  • Interview Techniques.
  • Airline Terminology.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this training, participants should be able to: 

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  • Have a good knowledge of the aviation industry.
  • Techniques of effective communication and customer contact.
  • Groom themselves professionally in line with airline’s standards.
  • Understand the cabin crew’s roles & responsibilities.
  • Effectively balance task and service orientation.
  • Have a more in-depth knowledge of the foods & beverages served on board airlines.
  • Understand and be aware of cultural differences.
  • Understand the appropriate responses to customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Ability to understand various social styles and cultural differences of airline customer.
  • Perform basic first aid.
  • Managing stress and pressure.

Minimum Qualification:

– Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) (Malaysian)
– High school certificate (International Student)
– Able to communicate in English
– 18 – 30 years old
– Minimum height: 157cm (Female), 160cm (Male)
– Good physical appearance

Value Added :

Bootcamp Interview Available with International Airlines!

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