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Application Rules and Regulations:

1. Applicants must be the age between 18 to 35 years old.

2.Applicants passport validation must be minimum 1 year

3. In the event of a new visa being rejected or revoked by the government authorities, such as Immigration

and Ministry of Education, VIA will not refund the paid fees.

4. VIA is not responsible if a student applies for a six months visa but the authorities choose to grant a shorter term visa.

5.Once a student has registered and applied for a visa, VIA will not be able to cancel the visa processing.

6. Students are allowed to take one month leave with a valid reason and reserve their term if they have attended classes for 3 months consecutively. Students who wish to have a month leave must write a letter to VIA and get the approval 2 weeks before the next intake.

7. VIA will not be responsible for any delays or interruptions in the visa processing regarding Immigration or Ministry of Education. In case of any complaints, disturbance or misbehavior by students towards VIA staff regarding the governmental affairs, VIA has the right to cancel the student’s visa and report the student’s behavior to Immigration to have his /her visa canceled.


The most common concerns regarding immigration are:

1. Extension of StudentPass

It is the student’s responsibility to constantly check the expiry date of the StudentPass. Continuance of studies at Pusat Bahasa Hibah must be applied at least 6 weeks prior to expiry date. Student would have to submit the passport and all relevant documents to the main office for extension purposes. A nominal fee is charged by the Immigration department and must be paid by the student. Pass extension will take a period of at least 6 weeks.

2. Cancellation of StudentPass

Students who are planning to leave the country to return back to home country must submit the passport along with the flight ticket to the main office for cancellation of the StudentPass.

3. Shortening of StudentPass

Students are allowed to transfer to other colleges, but are strongly encouraged to do so only after level 6 is completed. A release letter will be issued by Pusat Bahasa Hibah once an offer letter to the new place of study is shown to the office in order for the StudentPass issued to be temporarily terminated. The release letter is needed in order for the new place of study to process a new StudentPass as quickly as possible. The duration for the Shortening of Student Pass takes at least 1 week.

4. Leave Application

Students who have studied on a continuous basis for 4 months are allowed to take a one month leave of study. Please apply for leave of study using the appropriate application form available upon request at the Front Desk. Application for leave study must be approved by the Academic/Centre Director before students go off for the leave. The Centre has the right to cancel the StudentPass if the students are found missing and/or they have not inform the Centre of their whereabouts.

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