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International Student


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Application Procedure and Entry Requirement:

To register at VIA and apply for a student visa, the following documents are required. It is advisable to send in your application at least two months before the session begins:

1) Full set of passport copy for all pages

2) Passport size photograph with blue background

3) Copy of academic certificate.

4) Health Screen in your Country.

5) Visa processing fee (2000 RM Or 550 USD non-refundable)

Payment can be made through Bank Transfer payable to:

Account Name: VI Academy Sdn Bhd
Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad, Kuala Lumpur
Account no: 512679309349
Swift code: MBBEMYKL
Amount: USD 550

Email:[email protected]

Fax: +60342531008

What happens next?

 1. Enroll at VIA to get the immigration approval

Upon receiving student’s photocopy of passport (all pages) and funds, VIA will proceed the visa processing with Ministry of Education and Immigration. Approval of visa will take 4 to 8 weeks after submission of documents.

2. Getting the Entry Visa and fly to Malaysia

VIA will email the immigration approval to the students. Students are required to visit the Malaysian Embassy in his/her country to get the entry visa. Before arrival, students are required to email a copy of the flight ticket details for us to arrange the accommodation and pickup from KL airport.

3. International Student Services

An officer has been appointed to handle international student affairs. Services provided include students’ welfare, and assistance in matters relating to immigration procedures such as application for student pass and visa, extension and airport pick-up.

4. Enrolment Process

Students must sit for a placement test upon their enrolment to determine their level of Languages proficiency.

5. Start classes

Depending on the program, most of our new intakes start near the beginning of each month. For our Intensive English Program (IEC), classes begin from 10:00 AM and ends at 15:00 PM from Monday to Friday. You are expected to attend all classes and be on time.

6. Insurance – International Student with Visa only (Compulsory)

Students are required to take up medical insurance policy while studying here. If the student is covered by the government of origin or the sponsor of study, then a ‘Disclaimer Form’ must be signed and returned to PBH stating so. Students are eligible to apply for any Insurance Policy only if they are accepted for study Visa at Centre.

7. Health Screen – International Student with Visa only (Compulsory)

Students are required to take a health screen examination in their country as part of the visa process.

Health Screen Examination Form Download Form

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